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An international program based in Germany is researching new herbicides to combat resistant strains of weeds, and an engineering solution conceived by a WA farmer is attracting interest from around the world.



The Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor – iHSD is a means to control weed seeds by way of mechanical impact trauma to the seed. The iHSD is integrated directly into the chaff stream of a combine harvester providing harvest time weed control and prevents the vast majority of weed seeds from entering the soil seed bank.

The Australian Herbicide Resistance Initiative (AHRI) has determined that the iHSD can destroy 93-99% of the weed seeds that enter them. 

The iHSD has major advantages over many traditional weed control methods. iHSD is a modular package that generally requires only minor adjustments to existing harvesting operations:

Harvest time weed seed control prevent weed seeds entering the seed bank

  • Fewer weeds emerge in following seasons, enabling chemical control to be more targeted and efficient

Mechanical control is non-selective toward herbicide resistant seeds

  • Lessens critical build up of herbicide resistant weed strains
  • This will delay development, if not eliminate herbicide resistant weed strains
  • Fewer herbicide resistant weeds emerge and can be targeted with highly effective control measures, generally too expensive to consider at broad scale

Organic matter and residue is returned to the soil

  • Promoting a healthier, more stable soil profile
  • Less organic supplements are required

One pass processing at harvest

  • No chaff carts
  • No wind rows

No burning

  • Reduced fire risk to property and the environment
  • No smoke pollution created
  • Reduced seasonal fuel loads (i.e. stockpiling over fire ban season)
  • Retained soil organics and corresponding soil nutrient holding capacity


The latest generation of Harrington Seed Destructor is the culmination of 20 years of development and research starting with an idea conceived by Western Australian farmer Ray Harrington.

Ray was driven by the knowledge that Australian farmers were fighting a war to eradicate weeds in their cash crops. From the 1970s the introduction of cheap, highly effective herbicides has been the farmer’s main defence against weed infestation, but over the course of time through natural selection, herbicide resistant strains of weeds have become a critical issue in many areas of Australia across all staple crop varieties.

Ray’s idea was brilliantly simple - what if there was a way to reliably destroy weed seeds mechanically during the harvest process? Enter HSD technology: the chaff stream from a combine harvester is intercepted and fed directly into a high speed mill that pulverises the chaff, including weed seeds that would otherwise pass through the harvester and be returned to the field. The Australian Grains Research and Development Council (GRDC) understood the importance of Ray Harrington’s endeavour and commitment to design a machine capable of destroying weed seeds prevalent in the waste from the harvesting process. The GDRC provided funding and UniSA provided research and development expertise to further develop HSD technology.

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