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18 December 2017

Bayer builds latest sprayer knowledge to help growers maximise returns

Photo caption Jon Bent (third from left), McIntosh Distribution, takes members of the Bayer WA team through the workings of the Miller Spray-Air system in Perth.  PUBLISHED 14 December 2018 (Farm Weekly) The Bayer team in WA has moved to enhance its knowledge of some of the latest spraying systems and technologies available … [Read More]

15 November 2017

Morris Section Control ‘Demos'

Morris section control ‘demos’ on now The Morris 9 Series precision air carts with “section control’’, which are saving growers thousands of dollars in seed and fertiliser costs, are being demonstrated to growers across the wheatbelt during seeding. Growers can contact their nearest Morris dealer to arrange a demonstration. WA graingrowers have … [Read More]

15 November 2017

Major Miller Spray Air Efficiencies Keep on Coming at Bowenville

Major spraying efficiencies keep on coming at Bowenville Bowenville growers Murray and Lance (right) Wise and Terry Clark, of McIntosh & Son at Dalby, with the family’s Miller Nitro 6333 sprayer that also features the Miller Spray-Air system. Lance says the Spray-Air technology has allowed them to reduce water rates by … [Read More]

15 November 2017

Paul’s New Miller Spray-Air Nitro Delivers Him from his “Solitary"

Paul’s new Spray-Air Nitro delivers him from his "solitary" Local grower Paul Bammann on the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia check over the Spray-Air boom on the family's Miller Nitro 6333 sprayer. National distributor McIntosh Distribution added an extra 0.5 metres to each end of the standard 36.5m boom to suit … [Read More]

15 November 2017

New Miller Nitro 7310 launches in Australia

New Miller sprayer light on its feet A new, adjustable chassis design on the new Miller Nitro 7310 sprayer has resulted in a 5 per cent lighter machine compared with the Nitro 5240, allowing improved flotation and less compaction. It has also produced an industry high, 2-metre ground clearance, which will … [Read More]

21 September 2017

Fuel Costs Halved with new Miller Nitro 6333

Photo caption: Farmhand Laurie Steer (left), who is the main operator of the Miller Nitro 6333 sprayer at Grant and Tracey Collins’ Nyabing property in Western Australia, with Miller Sprayers Global Brand Leader Jason Hardy, Canada, on his recent trip to WA visiting Miller customers. ACHIEVING fuel savings of up to … [Read More]

14 September 2017

Seed Destructor Owners Excited with Latest Developments

Seed destructor owners excited with latest developments 1 September, 2017 FIRST-TIME grower users of the Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD) are looking forward to adopting the latest developments with the technology for the upcoming grain harvest, as well as further improving their weed control, chemical use and soil nutrition through reduced burning. Comprising … [Read More]

02 August 2017

Aussie machinery icons team up for quality, affordable chaser bins

Aussie machinery icons team up for quality, affordable chaser bins 30 July, 2017 Published in Farm Weekly - Thursday 29 July 2017 (by Rohan Howatson) THE need for a quality, Australian-made chaser bin at a realistic price for producers has been the driver behind a partnership between WA-based agricultural machinery dealer, McIntosh & … [Read More]

05 July 2017

New Miller spray system reduces rates,improves weed control, efficiency

New spray system reduces rates,improves weed control, efficiency 1 July, 2017 Published in Farm Weekly - Thursday 29 May 2017 (by Rohan Howatson) BEING able to reduce water rates when spraying has seen an improvement in the performance of herbicides for Wubin grower Garry Cail. Garry has cut water rates down to 28 litres … [Read More]

19 June 2017

Australian farmer's weed-destroying invention draws world interest, the Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (IHSD)

Published ABC Landline - Monday 19 June, 2017 (by Prue Adams) An Australian farmer's invention, which destroys weed seeds during harvest, has the potential to reduce the need for herbicides in grain farming and is gaining interest from around the world. The Harrington Seed Destructor (HSD) is the brainchild of Western Australian … [Read More]

04 May 2017

‘Command’ to trade for more productivity

Published in Farm Weekly - Thursday 27 April 2017 (by Ken Wilson) IT’S the soft voice you hear sometimes when a farm job is not going well. “Time to trade.” Generally you’re receptive if the machine you’re operating is being a bit of a pig. And if you’ve been ruminating this thought … [Read More]

21 April 2017

Agrispread a breeze in windy Condingup

Published in Farm Weekly - Thursday 20 April 2017 (by Ken Wilson) IT’S windy, with gusts up to 40km/h. But you’re on the South Coast at Condingup so you’ve got to expect that. The program is to spread 10,000 tonnes of lime at 12 metres (40ft), 1000t of gypsum at 12m, 1000t of … [Read More]

11 April 2017

Demand grows for cost-effective summer spraying

Originally published 7 Feb 2017 SPOT spray technology is helping growers in the Wongan Hills region target harder-to-kill summer weeds in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. Landmark Wongan Hills has been operating a spray contracting service for three seasons and demand has been steadily increasing, to the point where it has … [Read More]

02 December 2016

‘Game changer’ for weed seed control (Farm Weekly)

Farm Weekly, 1 December 1 2016 (Pages 34-35) By KEN WILSON McIntosh & Son Katanning, Kulin and Albany branch manager Devon Gilmour (left) and Nyabing farmer Warrick Browne discuss the features of the Integrated Harrington Weed Destructor, ordered by the Browne family when they pre-ordered two New Holland 9.90s last year.   THE Integrated … [Read More]

19 August 2016

Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor

McIntosh & Son Katanning branch manager Devon Gilmour, spent most of his time at last week's Expo explaining the workings of the new Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor. And in between gasps of breath, extolling the virtues of the New Holland CR 10.90 header pictured behind him. It was a big … [Read More]

12 August 2016

McIntosh & Son raises bar with opening of its Wongan Hills branch (Farm Weekly Article)

Farm Weekly 4 August 2016 Ian McIntosh with Anthony Ryan, branch manager for McIntosh & Son Wongan Hills Part of the expansive McIntosh & Son building which has been designed for the future with plans in place for the installation of a gantry crane. Ian and Chris McIntosh surrounded by their sons, from left, … [Read More]

06 July 2016

Morris - Section Control Delivers Better Seeding Savings (Farm Weekly Article)

Farm Weekly 30 June 2016 (Pages 28-29) Growers are saving up to 12.5 per cent seed and fertiliser in some paddocks using Morris 9 Series air carts with Input Control Technology (ICT) WA CROPPERS who have enjoyed the benefits of section control on their sprayers are now reaping the savings from using it … [Read More]

05 July 2016

Case Grader Shines at its Western Australia Debut Demonstrations

The new Case 865B grader has impressed many local government operators and contractors at demonstrations held at Goomaling and Trayning in late June. Powered by a 6.7L Tier 3 diesel engine with variable horse power (178 – 205hp), with front articulation and a 15.5 tonne operating weight, the CASE 865B grader … [Read More]

27 May 2016

iHSD (Seed Destructor): A Glimpse of the Future - WeedSmart Webinar: Emerging Trends with Technology and Weeds

  New technologies in agriculture don’t come around too often… but new weed threats seem to! If you've missed the WeedSmart webinar on 24 May 2016, the full version has been uploaded. AHRI’s Peter Newman joins the unforgettable inventor and farmer Ray Harrington, accompanied by Devon Gilmour of McIntosh & Son, to … [Read More]

27 May 2016

Morris - Accurate Placement Key to Optimum Production (Farm Weekly Article)

Farm Weekly 26 May 2016 (Pages 30-31) The Morris C2 Contour drill is also showing superior performance in demonstrations when it is hitched to the manufacturer's 9 Series Precision Air Cart and configured with its paired-row double shoot opener system.   MAXIMISING input efficiency as well as production potential is the ultimate objective for … [Read More]

29 April 2016

WeedSeeker - Spot spraying preserves feed for stock (Farm Weekly Article)

Farm Weekly - Tabloid - 28 April 2016 (Page 17) Spray contractor John Hathaway is managing a busy spraying season this year, enhanced after adding selective spot spraying with WeedSeeker to his State-wide service. John and Allen Hathaway's 24-metre Quick Attach WeedSeeker Kit, which clips on to a gooseneck boom, run behind … [Read More]

20 April 2016

Drone Footage of Westfield, Frankland River WA 2015 Harvest

Westfield, Frankland River WA - 2015 Harvest  Drone Footage and Audio - Sam Beech McIntosh & Son Demonstration Westfield, Frankland River, Western Australia – 2015 Harvest Machines featured: New Holland CR10.90 on SmartTrax with 40ft MacDon D65 front; New Holland 9090 with 35ft NH83C MacDon front; New Holland T8.435 with SmartTrax. New Holland CR10.90 harvesting … [Read More]

19 April 2016

Agrispread curtain improves accuracy for spreading (Farm Weekly Article)

Farm Weekly - 14 April 2016 (Pages 31-32) By Ken Wilson Meckering farmer Richard Leeson (left), McIntosh & Son salesman Chris Hishon and Agrispread product support technician Jens Moller and Agrispread's national dealer support and customer support manager Sam Abbott, discuss the performance of the hydraulically-operated curtain attached to the rear of … [Read More]

18 April 2016

Farmer takes small steps in liquid mix (Farm Weekly Article)

Farm Weekly – 14 April 2016 (Pages 10 – 11) Farmer takes small steps in liquid mix By Ken Wilson Nanson farmer Justin Stokes at his "work station". He believes there is still a lot of research needed into liquids, particularly on the variability of chemicals and compatibilities with trace elements in mixes. The … [Read More]

07 April 2016

Getting wider with Morris C2 Contour Drill to capture the moisture (Farm Weekly Article)

Farm Weekly – 7 April 2016 (pages 34 – 36) Getting wider to capture the moisture By Ken Wilson  Morawa farmer Darren Agar (left) with McIntosh & Son salesman Johel Mitchell. Darren says there's a method to the apparent madness of sowing on 37.5cm (15in) tine spacings. “The Contour 2 goes a bit faster … [Read More]

31 March 2016

New Miller Nitro 6365 with Spray-Air Technology Impresses

Farm Weekly - 31 March 2016 (Pages 28 - 29) New Nitro sprayer impresses WA growers The new Miller Nitro 6365 with the manufacturer’s Spray-Air system has been demonstrated to growers around WA and they have given it the big thumbs up. McIntosh Distribution’s national Miller sales team pictured during recent demonstrations of … [Read More]

18 March 2016

Destroy Weed Seeds While Harvesting - Introducing the iHSD

THE SEED DESTRUCTOR Destroy weed seeds while harvesting! McIntosh & Son is pleased to introduce you to the exciting and revolutionary Integrated Harrington Seed Destructor (iHSD). The culmination of 20 years of research and development, the iHSD controls weed seeds by way of mechanical impact trauma to the seed. The iHSD is … [Read More]

08 February 2016

First in Australia! Miller Nitro 6365 with Spray-Air Technology. Demos now on.

First in Australia! Miller Nitro 6365 with Spray-AirTM Technology The first Miller Nitro 6365 with Spray-AirTM Technology has just arrived in Australia, and demonstrations are now on throughout summer! Featuring a revolutionary new propulsion system that sets the highest standard for power to the ground performance, the new Miller Nitro 6365 features a … [Read More]

29 December 2015

Miller Spray-Air Technology - Air boom spraying gains spark grower interest

Jon Bent (right), McIntosh Distribution, and growers and agronomists in the Red Bobs area of the Liverpool Plains in New South Wales pictured collecting spraying samples following a demonstration of the Miller Spray Air system on a Miller Nitro, front-mounted self-propelled sprayer. Jon Bent, McIntosh Distribution, talks to growers and agronomists … [Read More]

24 November 2015

Community harvest milestone at Karlgarin

 Farm Weekly - Thursday 19 November 2015, Page 38. Karlgarin farmers mingle with McIntosh & Son, Kulin staff and sponsors during a break in Monday's harvest of 200ha of Mace wheat. Apart from the New Holland CR 10.90 supplied by McIntosh & Son, Kulin, local farmers Keith, Jill and Todd Fotheringhame supplied … [Read More]

24 November 2015

WeedSeeker - Summer spraying made easier at Katanning

Farm Weekly - Thursday 19 November 2015 Katanning farmers Matt (left) and Simon Kerin (right) with McIntosh and Son Katanning sales representative Dan Tracey, looking over their 36-metre Quick Disconnect WeedSeeker Kit, which attaches to their existing self-propelled sprayer. INVESTING in spot spraying technology has already delivered big benefits for Katanning farmer … [Read More]

23 November 2015

New Miller Nitro 6365 sprayer improves efficiencies, savings for growers

The innovative drive train system with the new Miller Nitro 6365 sprayer is helping deliver up to a 30 per cent reduction in fuel consumption. MILLER has released its latest self-propelled sprayer, with new features promising better efficiency, equating to saving growers time and money. The Nitro 6365 is the latest model … [Read More]

16 November 2015

New Miller Spray-Air Technology shows more effective spray coverage

The Miller Spray-Air technology at work, pushing the spray into the crop canopy.  Pictured is the spray coverage and quality between standard TeeJet TT nozzles and the Miller Spray-Air system following testing in a dense oaten hay crop. SPRAYING comparisons using an air boom system against industry standard and another air-assisted unit … [Read More]

29 September 2015

New H Series LiuGong Wheel Loader Debuts

The new LiuGong H Series wheel loader in action. From left: McIntosh & Son Perth’s Gary Wotzko (Parts Manager), Paul Davies (General Manager), Angelo Francesca (LiuGong sales representative) and Glen Campbell (Service Manager) in front of the new LiuGong H Series Wheel Loader. McIntosh & Son Perth has welcomed the highly anticipated … [Read More]

08 September 2015

Newdegate grower removes overlap with Morris ICT

Newdegate farmer Brad Iffla and McIntosh and Son sales representative Dan Tracey pictured looking over Mr Iffla’s Morris 9550 air cart, which features the manufacturer’s new Input Control Technology (ICT). Dan Frampton, who helps out the Ifflas at Newdegate during seeding, Brad Iffla and Dan Tracey, McIntosh and Son, discuss the … [Read More]

17 August 2015

Front-mounted air boom to boost spraying returns

The Miller Spray-Air system now on the preferred Miller Nitro sprayers promises improved application efficiency and greater return on spraying investment for growers. In Canada, it has achieved desired spraying results with half of the normal amount of water and chemical applied, thereby also allowing environmental benefits.   THE much anticipated arrival … [Read More]

11 August 2015

McIntosh & Son Building a New Branch in Wongan Hills

In its 60th year of operation, multi-franchise dealership McIntosh & Son is building a new branch at Wongan Hills, having outgrown its current premises which it has operated for the past 55 years. The new branch is slated for completion after seeding in 2016. Said Wongan Hills dealer principal, Anthony Ryan, … [Read More]

29 July 2015

Easy overlap control to save growers more - Morris Input Control Technology

Morris has made ICT (Input Control Technology) available with its latest 9 Series air carts, helping save fertilisers and seed for growers by eliminating overlap. Via GPS and the Topcon X30 controller with the Morris carts, the gear drive system for the metering wheels can be quickly engaged or disengaged, allowing … [Read More]

08 July 2015

New Holland Agriculture Announces the New Genesis® T8 SMARTTRAX™

The New Holland T8 SmartTrax is reinventing the concept of high-horsepower farming, offering the longest wheelbase in its class, and exceptional maneuverability with unsurpassed versatility. Available in numerous track spacing options and belt widths the T8 SmartTrax also provides reduced compaction, increased efficiency, better traction and enhanced stability, and with the … [Read More]

03 June 2015

Merlo Telehandlers at McIntosh & Son Perth

(From left to right) McIntosh & Son Perth Service Manager Glen Campbell, General Manager Paul Davies, Sales Representative Steven Shore, and Parts Manager Gary Wotzko with Merlo telehandlers ready for delivery. Since 1964, Merlo has been designing and manufacturing state of the art machines. An industry leader in technological advancements, Merlo continually … [Read More]

05 March 2015

Challenger - New MT700E and MT800E Series

Break new ground with the new Challenger MT700E & MT800E Series – a new line of heavy duty, high horsepower track tractors engineered to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. The MT800E features the powerful yet super-efficient V12 AGCO Power engine and increased hydraulic flow, while the MT700E delivers plenty of … [Read More]

05 February 2015

Morris C2 Out Yields DBS, Seedhawk in West Midland Group Trials - Farm Weekly

Download Farm Weekly. To find out more about the Morris Contour Drill 2 (C2), contact your McIntosh & Son dealer. [Read More]

29 January 2015

Agrispread ticks all boxes for contactor - Farm Weekly

Download Farm Weekly. To find out more about Agrispread, contact your McIntosh & Son dealer.   [Read More]

01 August 2014

Merlo appoints McIntosh & Son as dealers in WA and QLD

(August 2014) – Italian telehandler manufacturer Merlo has appointed McIntosh & Son, a leading Australian machinery dealership, as dealers. This month, Merlo appointed the McIntosh & Son branch in Dalby, Queensland and its West Australian branches in Perth, Geraldton and Kulin to their dealer network, bringing together two companies with more … [Read More]

31 October 2013

Morris RAZR Disc Drill is 2013 Henty Field Days "Machine of the Year"

The Morris Industries' RAZR Disc Drill was awarded the Henty Machinery Field Days "Machine of the Year" by an independent panel of regional primary producers. Judging criteria was based on the machine’s purpose and suitability, scope of application, construction, ease of maintenance and service, ease of operation and adjustment, availability of parts … [Read More]

09 September 2013

McIntosh & Son Kulin now open!

McIntosh & Son is pleased to announce that its branch at Kulin is now open. For Kulin's contact details, click here. [Read More]

28 August 2013

Miller Appoints National Australian Distributor

St. Nazianz, Wisconsin USA -- Miller St. Nazianz, Inc. is pleased to announce the appointment of McIntosh Distribution as the sole Australian distributor for its range of equipment which includes the well-known self-propelled sprayers such as the Nitro, Condor and the N2XP range. McIntosh takes over the territory previously represented … [Read More]

07 August 2013

Morris Announces Distribution Changes in Australia

Morris Industries, a leading agricultural manufacturer today announced the appointment of McIntosh Distribution as the authorised national distributor for Australia. A leading Australian machinery dealership and well established since 1955, McIntosh Distribution has been a Morris distributor serving Western Australia and South Australia since 1992. McIntosh Distribution facilities, dedication to service, experience … [Read More]

15 July 2013

McIntosh & Son, Albany - Newest HARDI dealership

McIntosh & Son in Albany has been appointed a HARDI Australia dealer, the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship for HARDI, the dealership and its customer base. "It was McIntosh & Son’s commitment to servicing the area that was a deciding factor in HARDI decision to appoint them as local … [Read More]

13 June 2013

Miller Breaks Ground on Major Expansion

Miller has announced a $4.5 million expansion of their production facility. Due to strong North American, international demand for its crop application equipment, investment in a major facilities expansion is necessary to maintain its growth trajectory. The addition is targeted to be complete by 1 December, 2013. A 60,000 square foot … [Read More]

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