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Agrispread curtain improves accuracy for spreading (Farm Weekly Article)

19 April 2016

Farm Weekly - 14 April 2016 (Pages 31-32)

By Ken Wilson

Meckering farmer Richard Leeson (left), McIntosh & Son salesman Chris Hishon and Agrispread product support technician Jens Moller and Agrispread's national dealer support and customer support manager Sam Abbott, discuss the performance of the hydraulically-operated curtain attached to the rear of Richard's Agrispread AS150-T.

The curtain is neatly folded to convert to mudguards and can be left in transport position when spreading fertilisers.

AGRISPREAD Australia has released a new hydraulically-operated curtain for its spreaders.

The aim is to improve precision and accuracy of spreading products, including lime sand, gypsum and fertilisers.

According to the company’s national dealer support and customer service manager Sam Abbott, the curtain can be retro-fitted to existing Agrispread models and can be ordered as an option for new models through the McIntosh & Son dealer network.

So far the curtain has shown its value in our tests with Agrispread owners,” Mr Abbott said.

“Normally you could expect to conventionally spread lime sand at 12 metres (40ft) in the morning before stopping when the winds come up in the afternoon or keep going at reduced spreading widths to eight metres (26ft),” he said.

“With the addition of the curtain on the Agrispread, we could stick to the program all day (even in windy conditions), achieving a precise and accurate spread at the desired working width.”

Meckering farmer Richard Leeson, who recently purchased an Agrispread AS150T with curtains is very impressed with the result.

“We’re on controlled lines operating at a 13.5 metre (45ft) width and I was consistently hitting that mark all day, even when winds were gusting up to 45km/h,” he said. “I just turned up the revs on the spinner by 150rpm to achieve the width when conditions dictated.”

In the past Richard’s strategy has been to spread 1.5t/ha of lime sand over non-wetting sandplain, then mouldboard it.

This year he will apply 2t/ha and incorporate it with a Bednar deep ripper, with spike rollers and following tyre rollers.

Long story short, Richard started on 15m (50ft) traffic lines dictated by a 15m header front.

But the header couldn’t throw straw that width so a 13.5m front doubles as a swather and that maintains true controlled traffic with improved straw throw through a new Optispread on a new New Holland 9090.

Now all operations, including the Nitro 4365 SP sprayer and the Agrispread AS150-T, all comply with three metre (10ft) centres in the three-to-one controlled traffic system.

A Morris C2 also has been modified to 13.5m for seeding.

Commenting on the performance of the Agrispread with the curtain, Richard said he could now go faster at heavier rates, with the bonus of putting out exactly what he wanted and over the required width.

“One of the best things I like about the Agrispread is the dynamic weighing on-the-go because with lime sand, bulk densities can change with every load,” Richard said.

“It is fitted with load cells which constantly calculate speed and product applied, to ensure an accurate rate is applied automatically.”

According to Agrispread, the Apollo display, coupled to the load cells and hydraulic drive, is constantly calculating the bulk density which translates to faster or slower belt speed.

The spinner also is designed for certain rpm so the important factor is the combination of the design of the spinner and drop point adjustment onto the spinners, and its speed, which is why the company says you can achieve even spreading.

In operation, Richard said the suspension on the Agrispread took all the hop on the drawbar meaning there was no transfer shock onto the tractor hitch.

“It rode very well,” he said. “I got a very even ride even going faster under load.”

Additionally, the rollers, all nuts and bolts and hydraulic fittings, the bottom section of bin, and the rear discharge, is all stainless steel, which gets a tick from Richard.

According to Mr Abbott, the Agrispread is capable of spreading a wide range of product including lime, fertiliser, gypsum, fibrophos, sand, salt, poultry waste and baits, including snail bait and mouse off.

Hydraulic control of the spinners, from the Apollo monitor ensures you always maintain spinner speed even when applying very heavy rates. You can type into the monitor the spinner speed required at any time and adjust to suit different conditions and products.

Combining the hydraulic spinners with the hydraulic belt drive, along with drop-point adjustment, ensures even and accurate spread patterns on a range of different materials and weather conditions.

A range of models is available from 5 to 25 tonnes and all models come standard with lime and fertiliser discs, hydraulic brakes, LED lights, roll tarp, mudguards and sprung drawbar. There’s also a test kit, allowing continuous testing of spread patterns.

Load cells are an option along with two or three metre wheel centres for controlled traffic. Ground drive or hydraulic drive along with bin extensions on the largest machine are other options available.

Agrispread also has a free App available to all customers for a quick and simple set up of their machines for different products and application rates.

Another new development is the release of the ISOBUS system, with Auto Shut-Off functionality as standard. This can be retro-fitted to all hydraulic drive machines already in Australia and is available now on new orders.

McIntosh and Son and Agrispread have held demonstrations with the new ISOBUS and already have units working in the field. 

The Agrispread is distributed by Yuna-based Agrispread Australia, which has the Australian distributorship rights from family-owned Irish manufacturers Running Gear Limited. The company has developed an extensive range of agricultural machinery under the Agrispread brand.

For more information: Contact your local McIntosh & Son dealer.

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