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New Miller Nitro 6365 with Spray-Air Technology Impresses

31 March 2016

Farm Weekly - 31 March 2016 (Pages 28 - 29)

New Nitro sprayer impresses WA growers

The new Miller Nitro 6365 with the manufacturer’s Spray-Air system has been demonstrated to growers around WA and they have given it the big thumbs up.

McIntosh Distribution’s national Miller sales team pictured during recent demonstrations of the Miller Nitro 6365 with Spray-Air in WA.

DEMONSTRATIONS around WA of the latest Miller self-propelled, front-mounted sprayer, also fitted with the manufacturer’s Spray-Air system, have impressed growers.

Praise for the new Miller Nitro 6365 with Spray-Air has centred on the new model’s innovative drive train system, which allows maximum power and delivers up to a 30 per cent reduction in fuel consumption compared with equivalent-sized machines.

Compared with the previous 5365 model in one high load application, the new Miller Nitro showed a significant speed increase from about 18 kilometres per hour to 26km/hr, equating to more than 40pc greater workrate.

Jon Bent from McIntosh Distribution, Miller’s Australian distributor, said this would achieve considerable efficiency gains for growers, saving them time and money. 

He said the new propulsion system optimised the performance of the Miller Nitro 6365.

“The new drive train has been completely redesigned with variable displacement hydrostatic drive system and planetary torque hubs,” Jon said.

“This means faster response to speed changes through more efficient transfer of power to the ground, even at lower engine RPM, all contributing to a reduction in fuel consumption.’’

Importantly, the new 6365 also retains all the features growers have come to expect from a Nitro, such as the high underframe clearance, industry-awarded Hydralink suspension and the versatility of the Quick-Attach system.

The Nitro is well known for its front-mounted design, which enables a commanding view of spray operation and ensures the spray pattern is not adversely affected by wind created by the machine.

The front-mounted boom and rear-mounted engine provide optimum weight balance with a large tank range, including 4500-litre, 5300L and 6100L options, also of which come with full manufacturers’ warranty.

The 6365 does have new styling however, with increased access to the engine bay making servicing much easier and more convenient. 
It also has a redesigned cooling system with a reposition of cooling components, which Jon said had resulted in an increase in efficiency as well as a reduction in operator and environmental noise.
“The Nitro was already class leading when it came to noise reduction, and that has now been improved further in the 6365.’’ 

“The cab boasts a larger, full colour touch screen display, monitoring engine and spray system functions and includes an integrated rear-facing camera with full-time rear vision during transport and is automatically on when reversing. 

“Outside the cab, a full array of LED lights provides even better night vision than previous models.”

The Miller Spray-Air system available with the 6365 combines the benefits of both air-assist and air-atomisation into one powerful spray nozzle system, allowing more targeted chemical application. Farmers have fingertip control of the droplet size and speed of the air delivery for any spraying application. 

Demonstrations comparing Spray-Air with conventional systems since it arrived in Australia last spring have shown improved performance in all instances, regardless of the application challenge. 

Meanwhile, Jon said with the desire to achieve effective coverage leading to increasing water carrier volumes in the industry, drift and drift control was becoming a chief concern among farmers

“Big droplets don’t drift, but there is a lot less of them to physically hit the target, especially when targeting small grass weeds. This is why guys are using higher water rates,’’ he said.

“Conventional nozzles and even pulse-width modulation (PWM) systems make driftable fines when spraying even at low pressures. It’s just the nature of how standard hydraulic nozzles work regardless of the nozzle type.

“The Miller Spray Air system removes the majority of these from the spray pattern, so more of the appropriate-sized droplets hit the target, resulting in better targeted weed/pest control. 

“Adding air to force the droplet towards the target further reduces any potential drift issues.

“Spray Air is a tool that allows farmers to manage targeted application of all chemicals to the best possible result in all situations.”

He said small weeds in shaded stubble rows was another issue for some farmers, however, Spray Air had shown that it more than doubled the number of droplets applied compared with a conventional air mix nozzle for the same water volume and far less drift.

For more information, contact your McIntosh & Son branch.

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