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McIntosh & Son, Albany - Newest HARDI dealership

15 July 2013

McIntosh & Son in Albany has been appointed a HARDI Australia dealer, the beginning of a long and prosperous relationship for HARDI, the dealership and its customer base.

"It was McIntosh & Son’s commitment to servicing the area that was a deciding factor in HARDI decision to appoint them as local dealer", said Peter Vella, HARDI Australia’s Territory manager. "Their new premises and the energetic enthusiasm of their staff will be a strong platform from which showcase the HARDI range of products".

"This is an exciting outcome for our business and we can’t wait to introduce the outstanding range of products to you," said Devon Gilmour, Branch Manager for McIntosh & Son Albany. "HARDI has one of the latest and advanced ranges of sprayers with capacities to suit almost every demand and application need."

The design focus for the HARDI sprayers has been on quality, ease of use, safety and value for money and this continues across the new product range.

"From the smallest pressure sprayers through to the largest trailer and self-propelled sprayers, HARDI products are designed for demanding conditions and are all built to the same high and exacting standards" Devon explained. "HARDI sprayers can be configured to suit individual requirements in vineyards, orchards, broadacre, row crop and horticulture."

Some of the sprayers that can now be purchased through McIntosh & Son Albany include:

IRIS Booms for HARDI vineyard trailers and 3-point linkage mistblower
High volume single or two row configured mistblower configurations with individual on off nozzle and air direction control at each air outlet and 363 pump. The IRIS boom is safely and comfortably operated from the driver’s seat. These have adjustable air-slot-vanes, and are Ideal for low, medium and high volume applications. The hydraulic system of the tractor does not matter, as the boom enables adaptation to all tractor brands. The boom manoeuvrability enables a quick and easy turn at the end of the row. The IRIS system provides the required droplet size and air conduction to the target.

NK Linkage 400, 600, 800, 1000
This linkage range makes spraying easy, fast & efficient. Ideal for spraying small to medium pasture or cropping programs and for horticultural applications. Integrated tank and chassis design with blow moulded tank for strength and durability. No sharp corners for sediment traps and a safe tank drain operation. The self-priming diaphragm pump with grease crankcase that can run dry without harm. Snap fit nozzles standard are colour coded for size.

NAVIGATOR 3000 & 4000
NAVIGATOR delivers better productivity and optimises application efficiency. It is designed to cope with the toughest broadacre and row crop spraying conditions. A wide range of booms to suit a variety of spraying requirements is available: FALCON 12.5 TO 16.5M, FLEXFORCE TWIN 18m, TWIN STREAM 12 & 15m, EAGLE 18 to 30m, TR4 Aluminium 24.5 to 30.5m.

COMMANDER 6500, 8500, 10000
With large capacities and TERRA FORCE or Pommier B3 Aluminium 36 to 42m boom widths improves productivity and makes spraying easy.
Advanced spraying technologies include:
AutoTerrain: Reduces spray drift through boom stability and auto height control.
DynamicFluid4: Pre-emptive pressure based application rate control.
HC 8500 or HC 9500: All-in-one powerful, full-featured precision controller with touchscreen.

Delivering class leading field performance and flotation. The 2700L main and 260L flush tanks are integrated into the chassis providing low centre of gravity and excellent weight distribution. The PRESIDIO has 4WD, 3-speed hydrostatic transmission with cruise control fitted as standard and is powered by Deutz 6 cylinder 129.4kW (173hp) engine. Pommier aluminium TR4 24 to 30m aluminium or EAGLE booms from 24 to 30m with wing tilt produce high work rates and make spraying fast and efficient.

ALPHA evo 4100
Weighing in at 8490kg dry or 12590kg full, with 36m TR5 aluminium boom delivers excellent flotation and sets a new standard in capacity spraying. Alpha evo is a new generation hydrostatic four-wheel-drive transmission delivering outstanding power to weight ratio and performance. ALPHA evo offers tank sizes 3500 & 4100L with 10% overcapacity. Booms include the drift-proof TWIN FORCE 24.5 to 30.5m, EAGLE 24 to 30m FORCE 24 to 36m & TR5 36 to 42m.

With infinitely variable four-wheel drive hydrostatic transmission delivers the traction to stay in front of the spray program. SARITOR is HARDI-built from the ground up and sets new standards in broad acre spraying. It offers 4400 & 5500 litres tank capacities with 36 to 42m TERRA FORCE or Pommier TR5 aluminium booms. Crop clearance is 1.45m and the track width can be hydraulically adjusted from 3 to 4m providing a large stable platform for boom stability. The HC 8500 or HC 9500 provide all-in-one powerful, full-featured precision controller with 8"or 12" touchscreen.

"Our comprehensive range of HARDI parts, servicing facilities and expertise will keep your investment serving you well into the future." Devon said. "Experience the difference quality makes. Contact us today and let us configure a sprayer for your requirement!"

For more information contact McIntosh & Son, Albany on (08) 9847 4255 or email

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